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Tucker & Dale vs Evil
Genre: Hillbilly Horror Spoof Parody
Director: Eli Craig, 2010 (released in 2011)
Starring: Wash, some Canadian actor who is in lots of things, and Cerie from 30 Rock
TL;DR: Everything in the trailer is still really funny watching the actual movie, but there's not much left.

Generally-speaking, Alan Tudyk is fucking awesome in everything, even if everything isn't so awesome.  He and Tyler Labine play a couple of hillbilly buddies with awkward social skills out for vacation in their woodland summer home (read: PoS shack), and Katrina Bowden plays an open-minded college socialite who out for a camping adventure with her friends.

Things get weird when the collegians, convinced that the hillbillies are out to murder them, try to fight back completely incompetently.  Our hillbillies, having no idea what's going on, are astounded and horrified when college kids start appearing out of no where and accidentally kill themselves in gruesome fashion while trying to kill them.

If that sounds hilarious (and it is), and you haven't seen the trailer, go ahead and check out the trailer on Youtube.  It's actually pretty hysterical.  If you have seen the trailer, however, the movie itself really doesn't add much of anything else, and it's a real shame.  The 3 main characters turn in, particularly for a spoof parody, excellent, even believable performances, but we don't get any additional information that wasn't in the trailer (or fully realized by anyone having any grasp of pop culture, which is kind of required to appreciate parodies).

The secondary college characters are also a big problem.  Odd as it sounds, there are too many of them.  Yes, we need a whole bunch so they can be killed in increasingly gruesome yet hilarious ways, but the problem is we have no connection to any of them to really enjoy it when it happens.  It sounds bizarre to say, but actual horror fims using the "group of know-nothing college kids" trope do a better job characterizing them, so when the actual kills happen, the audience can relate.  Here, it's more like a check-off list, and it's again one of the things that prevents the movie from being as enjoyable as the trailer.

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