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So, like most bored Internet users today, I downloaded Google Chrome.

So far?

I love the interface and the browsing experience is smooth and rapid, even with multiple tabs open (Youtube, webmail, videos so far; I have yet to try any games of whatever scripting language).

That said, I find myself missing all my firefox extensions (including the Google toolbar, of all things), the security certificate verifyer (which I probably use more than most users), the exclusive search engine selection window, and the comprehensive tweaking abilities in the options.

I'm sure Chrome will have most of those eventually, but for now, the lack of customizability is really noticeable.

I do wonder how this will affect the browser market share world. CNET has an excellent summation here, which I essentially agree with.

The big question coming out of this is "how will this affect Firefox?" You can make the argument that more competition is always better, but in the case of the browser market, this has a good chance of not being true, simply because distribution mechanisms are inherently unequal: the market for an alternative browser is unlikely to include every Internet user, just the ones who don't like IE.

Whether Chrome cuts into FF's share of the market will depend on whether Firefox has reach market saturation or not. Has everyone who would have switched to an IE-alternate browser already done so?

EDIT: I'd seen it a few minutes earlier, but [livejournal.com profile] moonlightalice sent me a link via comment showing how Chrome's EULA says Google has the license to do (almost) anything it wants with anything you do with Chrome. Definitely not so cool, and a real dealbreaker, ultimately.


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