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...and are also not sleeping enough:

For half a second, you're convinced that the Citibank sign on the corner actually says "Cthulhubank".

Insert your favorite Mythos-correct explanation here!

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...with Torie Spelling in it.


Yeah, I know.

Well, look, I admire that some apparently very dedicated indy film folks made another Lovecraft-inspired film.

However, after poking around to see what the word was, for a movie that is called "Cthulhu", there was something really, really missing from this film.

Namely Cthulhu. No, really.

It's actually apparently a follow-up to Dagon. Which is cool. A film about the Deep Ones and the Cult of Dagon is always welcome.

But if you're relying on the title of the film to pull in support from fans of Lovecraft, why the FUCK are you naming it after a plot element that isn't in the movie?!!


Then again, you'd never be able to do justice to Cthulhu in a movie. 'Cause if you did, every theater-goer would be instantly rendered insane, which would either have the net effect of completely killing the box office receipts or making the most popular movie of all time, ever.
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...but I never remember when I'm in the best place for it.

Nevertheless, I couldn't let this one go.

I imagine most of you have heard of the current travesty involved in Dick Cheney's insistence that since he plays in both legislative and executive pools, the individual lifeguards can't say shit to him.

As I was trouncing around the blogosphere during my lunch break, I came across this GEM of a comment which got my political observer self nodding, and my geek self giggling madly and demanding I share it with everyone:

"Clearly, the Vice President's office is a shoggoth"


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