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 I mean, seriously, what. the. hell?!

Ok, look.  I understand that your previous price-point might not have been ideal for you, that you were undercutting your own business with the smallest unlimited BD/DVD-rental plan being a $2 add-on to $10 streaming.  I get that you were contemplating a price increase already.

But raising your BD/DVD-rental plans by 400% *and* splitting it off from your streaming plan so you can charge people for *both* just feels like a price jack.  You say you want to accomodate the folks who want a DVD-only service, and that's fine.  But you do realize that those people will be paying less now, right?  Why would everyone else who doesn't want to change want to pay almost double overall so the first bunch can pay less?!

The very least you could do is offer a discounted bundle service.  $8 for either plan individually, but $13 (heck $14, even) if you get both.  It's not exactly unreasonable, and it's a still a higher price that what you were charging before.  And now, there's an actual clear value for people who might be interested in both.

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So I just watched Monsters on Netflix streaming.  A quite strong indie SF film that is a little too indie and not enough sci-fi for its own premise.  Clearly wishes it was District 9/Cloverfield, but overall decent effort, especially for a film whose entire crew fit into a single van and whose director did all the special effects himself with "off-brand" Adobe Premier.

I watched the film because Netflix thought I would like it by 3.5/5 stars. They were absotively spot-on; this film fell exactly into the grey between the decent-and-enjoyable-but-nothing-special 3 and the excellent-not-quite-perfect-but-eminently-recommendable 4.

But Netflix doesn't let you rate things by half-stars. That is a privilege that they reserve purely for themselves.

Why this is, at least, a useability problem )


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