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Genre: supernatural/slasher
Chris Smith (who directed Creep) 2009
starring Melissa George and Chris Hemsworth's little bro.

This one is a holdover from my Halloween prep Netflix queue.  I liked Chris Smith's other films, Creep  and Black Death, but I was a little antsy about this one, which gave all appearances of being a generic slasher film on a boat.  I only added it to my queue because it had a stellar reputation quite beyond what I expected of a slasher film.

There's really only two things to say:
  1. This film is a hell of a lot more than a generic slasher on a boat film.  A ton of thought got put into everything, and it shows.
  2. I would be doing a collosal disservice to potential watchers if I reviewed this film in-depth because it's almost impossible to not spoil.
If you like thoughtful atmospheric horror with a supernatural, almost Twilight Zone, kind of feel, do yourself a favor and see Triangle, it's 100% worth it.
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Little Shop of Horrors
Genre: SF/Horror Musical
Director: Frank Oz, 1986
Songs by: Alan Menken
Starring: Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, and a huge cast of SNL Alums
TL;DR: Okay, okay, not strictly speaking a horror film, not even a horror musical really, but the space-born mutant plants eating people would seem to be close enough.  The puppetry is jaw-dropping, worth seeing this film alone for it, and the songs are a highly enjoyable bonus.

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Genre: War Horror/Ghost Story
Director: Su-chang Kong, 2004
Starring: If you're not a serious K-films fan, you'll have no clue who these guys are
TL;DR: An excellent addition to the "War is Hell...now with demons" genre.  Tight, creepy, and atmospheric.
Note: Film is in Korean, with english subtitles.

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Tucker & Dale vs Evil
Genre: Hillbilly Horror Spoof Parody
Director: Eli Craig, 2010 (released in 2011)
Starring: Wash, some Canadian actor who is in lots of things, and Cerie from 30 Rock
TL;DR: Everything in the trailer is still really funny watching the actual movie, but there's not much left.

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Genre: Fast Zombies (also Spanish)
Director: Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza, 2009
Starring: Spanish unknowns (aside from a couple who might be recognized from the first film)
TL;DR: Not as spine-gripping as the first fantastic film, and picked up a few plot-holes in transition, but still all-around freaky and great.

FYI to folks: REC 2 is not the same as Quarantine 2, the sequel to the American re-make of REC.  Quarantine 2 (which I am also hoping to see before Halloween) took the re-make series into a completely different direction, due to changes made in the last 10 minutes of Quarantine.

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Genre: Urban Monster in the Dark
Director: Christopher Smith (who went on to direct the well-received Triangle and Black Death), 2004
Starring: Franka Potente and some British people
TL:DR: A little uneven, but overall a decent use of of the "beast in the underground" concept (helped by it actually being the London Underground)

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Anyone notice that the films I've liked out of these batches so far are all European?

Next one coming in probably a couple days, as I will be busy, but I hope folks are enjoying them.
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Darkness Falls
Genre: Monster/Supernatural
Director: That guy who directed Battle Los Angeles and will be directing the Clash of the Titans sequel, 2003
Starring: Emma Caulfield, an Aussie kid who is supposed to be her brother, and some dude who was on the Shield for 3 years
TL;DR: There are 3 scenes with big genuine tension.  Pity there are another 20 or so which are supposed to have tension.

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Genre: Monster/Science Gone Wrong
Director: Billy O'Brian, 2005
Starring: Some E-list, but otherwise very competent, British and Australian actors
TL;DR: Surprisingly fun and atmospheric, despite the title not really having anything to do with the film

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Now isn't there a film from the same-ish area in Ireland about mutant sheep?  I'll have to look for that one.

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So, I meant to start this earlier this once, but I was a bit busy.  The plan is to watch as many horror movies as I feel like watching in the run-up to Halloween, thanks to Netflix, and then review them (inspired in format by Jethrien's much more worthwhile habbit of reading actual books and posting about it)  

There will likely be some actual theatrical trips involved as well, but most of these are definitely not the kind of thing you want to pay actual money to see. :P

Anyways, up first:

Zombies of Mass Destruction
Genre: Zombies
Director: Kevin Hamedani, 2009
Starring: friends & family of the director and 6-8 actors
TL:DR: Fun individual moments, but never really finds its own tone.

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